Our Story


Who exactly are we?

Crazy bunch of dreamers made in Czechoslovakia that decided to make those dreams a reality. Our motto is "You dream it, we live it." And with this filosophy we dived head first into this crazy venture. GadoGado is inspired by craftsmanship the folks in Southeast Asia pass on for generations. The goal of this project is to make you and the world prettier while supporting local community and creating responsible business. 
 We very much care about the mother nature  and all our products are 100%  animal friendly and cruelty free (excluding mild verbal and physical abuse endured while making this website).We are also currently exploring options for creating dedicated line of recycled products, while not compromising quality we strive for and design.

This project is also our chance to bring to you little piece of paradise called Bali, which we are so fortunate to call home for a little while.

So what is this about?

GadoGado.cz is young apparel brand which was born to very young an unexperienced parents in 2015.

 Our core focus are protective laptop bags, computer cases, ipad covers, handbags, cosmetic bags and we cater to all boys and girls. With no shortage of inspiration,  we are already drawing and testing new products and projects aimed at working with disadvantaged communities so stay tuned for news!.

  We believe in mom and pop shops, responsible and fair approach to doing business and all our products are made by hand, in a small manufacture family in Bali. We are aware that there are different ways of doing this, but we like this one and the only shortcuts we take are those between the rice fields on our way to local surf spots. 

So why should you support us and buy our products?

  • because every piece is unique and original, just like you! 

  • because we believe in responsible business and give back to local community and if you are cool, you care about that too! 

  • because we care about protecting mother nature!  

  • because we are 100% #Animalfriendly and #Crueltyfree!

  • and also because we are broke and need to buy new boardshorts!

Also we are pretty current so you should follow our Instagram and Facebook, hashtag #Gadogado. That way you won't miss any major news and our other adventures. Disclaimer, we live in a paradise and tend to share lots of gnarly images so if you live some place cold at times you may not like us too much.. :-)

If you read it all the way here, than thanks we appreciate you and you are kind of awesome!